It didn’t take long for Joel Embiid to claim the #1 spot over his teammate Ben Simmons, but how does Dario Saric compare to Jaylen Brown? There is a lot of movement in our 2016 rookie rankings, including 5 new players cracking our Top 30. (Read More…)


Top Pickups from Week 5 (Premium)

Premium Fantasy Basketball Pickups

by Eric Wong on November 27, 2016

With Reggie Jackson starting to ramp up his on-court activities, make sure he’s not available in your leagues! (Read More…)


Towns and Porzingis are still #1 and #2 in our updated rankings, but there’s a new #3 man plus lots of player movement outside our Top 10. (Read More…)


A month into the 2016-17 NBA season, there is absolutely no question that Andrew Wiggins is at the top of this class. But how does teammate Zach LaVine rank compared to guys like Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon and Rodney Hood? (Read More…)


Top Pickups from Week 4 (Premium)

Post image for Top Pickups from Week 4 (Premium)

by Eric Wong on November 18, 2016

This week’s pickups are based on player’s current ownership % in ESPN leagues.

While Wes Matthews should be owned in more than 48% of leagues, we have much deeper suggestions as well (players owned in less than 5% or 10% of leagues). (Read More…)


“Future 120” is our way of assessing the league’s top young prospects, by creating Top 30 Player Rankings for each of the past 4 Rookie classes, based on 3 key areas: their current/projected role for this season, their star potential/fantasy upside and their physical/mental readiness.

And for our MVP Assist and Hall of Fame plan users, these rankings will be updated every month during the regular season!

The Greek Freak is still at the top of the 2013 class, but there’s a new #2 man in this month’s update, as well as a player jumping from honorable mention into our Top 20. (Read More…)


Top Pickups and Drops from Week 3 (Premium)

Fantasy Basketball Pickups

by Eric Wong on November 13, 2016

With Jrue Holiday set to return next week, he should be owned across ALL leagues. Of course we provide other top pickups as well, and let you know which unranked Future 120 guys have made positive impressions early on. (Read More…)


Buy Low, Sell High (Premium)

Post image for Buy Low, Sell High (Premium)

by Eric Wong on November 10, 2016

This week we examine 13 players to Buy Low and 11 guys to Sell High based on their cold or hot starts to the 2016-17 season. (Read More…)


Top Pickups and Drops from Week 2 (Premium)

Fantasy Basketball Pickups

by Eric Wong on November 5, 2016

Kris Dunn was a no-brainer pickup once Ricky Rubio was declared “out indefinitely” for Minnesota, but there are plenty more smart pickups this week for you savvy and well-informed fantasy owners. (Read More…)


Top Pickups and Drops from Week 1 (Premium)

Post image for Top Pickups and Drops from Week 1 (Premium)

by Eric Wong on October 30, 2016

With the help of RotoEvil, you should have formed a strong team on draft day. But now it’s time to start managing your roster, and as premium users you’re getting RotoEvil’s MVP Assistance.
(Read More…)

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Team Rotations: Starters vs. Bench

by Eric Wong on October 28, 2016

Since most teams have played only one game thus far, it’s a bit too early to make add/drop decisions. For example, if you dropped Mason Plumlee after his disappointing game against the Jazz (2 points, 1 rebound, 4 fouls in 15 minutes), you’re likely regretting that after his excellent game against the Clippers (17 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 blocks in 31 minutes).

So we’re saving our add/drop suggestions for Sunday morning (for Premium users only), instead looking at certain team’s player rotations, trying to spot starter vs. bench trends for the season ahead. (Read More…)


Post Your Fantasy Teams and Get Feedback

by Eric Wong on October 24, 2016

Okay RotoEvil Nation, time to see how you did in your drafts! Jump inside and list your rosters/draft results, then get feedback and suggestions from others. (Read More…)


RotoEvil’s Draft Tracker Tool

Fantasy Basketball Draft Tool, App, Spreadsheet

by Eric Wong on October 23, 2016

Our Draft Tracker Tool is without a doubt the most useful & effective fantasy basketball tool available. With Customizable Rankings & Auction Values based on your league settings, built-in Positional Tiers that automatically update, sortable Stat Projections for 400+ players, and our useful Team Tracker to monitor your team’s strengths & weaknesses, anyone drafting without this is at a major disadvantage!

Here is your final update (10/23) before the regular season begins! (Read More…)


Positional Tiers / Player Rankings

Fantasy Basketball Positional Tiers

by Eric Wong on October 23, 2016

Our Positional Tiers are great for helping you decide between two players, such as rising phenom Julius Randle or the slowly fading away Dirk Nowitzki. They’re also great for obtaining late round value, while everyone else is picking from Tier 5, Tier 4 guys will simply fall into your lap!
Last Updated: October 23rd
(Read More…)


Team Depth Charts

Post image for Team Depth Charts

by Eric Wong on October 23, 2016

Depth Charts have been updated to reflect opening day rosters. (Read More…)

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“Starting 5” Auction Results

Post image for “Starting 5” Auction Results

by Eric Wong on October 22, 2016

Last night was my always fun but grueling Auction Draft, with a very competitive group featuring many of the same owners year after year. It’s always interesting to look at the results, but it’s also a lot of price data to take in all at once.
So let’s break down the auction by each team’s Starting Five, meaning the 5 guys they spent the most on. Using a $200 salary cap, it’s interesting to see that one team went as high as $186 on their first five guys, while another team spent just $99, saving up for stronger depth. Can you guess which Starting 5 is mine??? (Read More…)


Preseason is winding down, and I’ve identified my favorite late round targets for leagues of ALL shapes and sizes. Using ADP (Average Draft Position) data to make player comparisons, I let you know which value/upside picks I’m liking the most, and which players are intriguing but I’m not so sure about.

This article is only available for premium users. Email to inquire about upgrading. Is Zach Randolph or JaMychal Green the smarter late round target? (Read More…)


Top 20 Picks for Most Improved Player

Fantasy Basketball Breakout + Most Improved Players

by Eric Wong on October 17, 2016

Many RotoEvil regulars have been asking, “where did the Career Year Candidates and Breakout Stars go?”
The answer is right here, in this new and improved article focusing on 20 leading candidates to win Most Improved Player for 2016-17.

Knowing which guys are going to break out and elevate their games is crucial for fantasy hoops, and when it comes to these predictions, our crystal ball has proven to be much clearer and more accurate than other sites. So come on in to discover the leading candidates to join CJ McCollum and Jimmy Butler, the last two Most Improved Player winners! (Read More…)


Part 2 has now been added! Having recently completed my first 25 round draft of the season (300 players deep), it’s time to dive right in with some Draft Analysis and a breakdown of my team called RADIO RAHEEM.

This article is only available for premium users. Email to inquire about upgrading. (Read More…)


Projected NBA Standings

NBA Projected Win-Loss Records, Standings

by Eric Wong on October 13, 2016

Our projected win-loss records for all 30 teams have been updated based on early preseason observations. In this update we also include our 10 favorite over/under win total bets, which we’ve been very good at selecting in recent years! (Read More…)

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Auction Draft Tips & Strategies

Fantasy Basketball Auction Draft Tips and Strategies

by Eric Wong on October 10, 2016

Auction drafts are very different than normal snake drafts, and things can get hectic quickly if you’re not well-prepared. So in this article we examine the pros and cons of different auction strategies, and provide you with helpful bidding and spending tips so that you can stay calm, cool and confident during your auction, and come away with the strongest team in your league. (Read More…)


Reader Mailbag

RotoEvil: The Michael Jordan + Gary Payton of Fantasy Basketball

by Eric Wong on October 10, 2016

I’ve been getting more and more questions via email, so it’s time to open up a Reader Mailbag segment, where you guys (and gals) can post your questions inside, then I’ll share my answers with ALL RotoEvil readers.

Just try and come correct with your questions, cuz I got knowledge and skills like Jordan and am not afraid to jaw at you like Gary Payton! (Read More…)


Favorite Early Round Draft Targets (Premium)

The Finest Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide + Analysis

by Eric Wong on October 8, 2016

In this premium article I reveal my preferred superstars and 1st round draft spots for 2016-17, plus my favorite players to target in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds. This is basically my “Top Secret” version of Cornerstone Combos, and is only available to premium plan users.

Are you a Draft Guide only user that’s interested in these premium articles? Send an email to inquire about upgrading and gaining access.

Remember: you can screw up a couple of mid-round picks and easily make up for a few late round duds, but you can NOT afford to screw up on your first few picks. So ace the beginning of your draft with this valuable premium piece! (Read More…)


Injury Issues (Avoid or Be Careful)

Fantasy Basketball Players to Target and Avoid - Sleepers, Breakout Players and more

by Eric Wong on October 7, 2016

In this Avoid or Be Careful article, we examine players that are currently banged up or still recovering from previous surgeries. Some of these guys you’ll want to avoid completely and some you’ll want to be careful about, while others are healthier and simply need to be monitored. (Read More…)

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Bounce Back Ballers

Fantasy Basketball's Best Kept Secret

by Eric Wong on October 5, 2016

In our Bounce Back Ballers article, we examine 20 players who had rough 2015-16 seasons. In addition to missing games due to injury, they also struggled to play up to their abilities when they were on the court.

Besides Bradley Beal, which other ballers are primed to bounce back in 2016-17?
(Read More…)


Major Mileage (Avoid or Be Careful)

Fantasy Basketball's Best Kept Secret

by Eric Wong on October 4, 2016

In this Avoid or Be Careful article, we examine guys with lots of career mileage on their body odometers.

With over 50,000 and 40,000 career minutes respectively, are Dirk and Pau still safe players to draft? (Read More…)

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1+ Block and 77% FT Club

Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol - RotoEvil's #1 Draft Guide - Fantasy Basketball's Best Kept Secret

by Eric Wong on September 30, 2016

One reason why the Gasol brothers are so valuable is their ability to block shots while still knocking down free throws at a high rate, a very valuable skill for fantasy purposes. So in this article we examine players who have made this club before and assess whether or not they’re likely to make it again, while suggesting the 6 most likely candidates to become 1st time club members in 2016-17. (Read More…)

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1+ Three and 47% FG Club

Stephen Curry - #1 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide

by Eric Wong on September 26, 2016

In this article we examine players who are capable of knocking down threes without hurting your overall FG%, a very valuable skill for fantasy purposes.

Some of these guys are obvious (Steph Curry and Kevin Durant), but others will surprise you with their sneaky fantasy value. (Read More…)


Top 20 Veterans on New Teams

Serge Ibaka - RotoEvil's #1 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide

by Eric Wong on September 26, 2016

In this new feature article we examine 20 key veterans on new teams, focusing on how well they’ll fit in, how much playing time they’ll get and their overall outlook for 2016-17. By using our scores (max 10 point scale) and in-depth analysis (each player gets a 2nd opinion), you’ll know which vets to target and which guys to stay away from.

It’s not difficult to envision Kevin Durant thriving on the Warriors, but what kind of expectations should fans have for Serge Ibaka going to the Magic, Harrison Barnes joining the Mavericks and Rondo and Wade now teaming up in Chicago? (Read More…)


Cornerstone Combos

Russell Westbrook - #1 NBA Fantasy Draft Guide

by Eric Wong on September 25, 2016

The first few players that you draft are extremely important, because they build the foundation and form the identity for all winning fantasy teams. In our popular Cornerstone Combos article, we suggest 6 players to consider teaming up with each potential 1st round pick, including some great ideas for Russell Westbrook. (Read More…)


Team Profiles – Southeast Division

Hassan Whiteside, Dwight Howard - RotoEvil's #1 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide

by Eric Wong on September 25, 2016

Now back home in Atlanta, Dwight Howard is saying that he wants to be the best player and leader that he can be. But the former MVP candidate now has Hassan Whiteside to contend with in this division, as well as a potent big man trio in Orlando (Vucevic, Ibaka, Biyombo) and his former pupil (Marcin Gortat) in Washington.

With no elite team in the Southeast, this is a pretty wide open division. (Read More…)

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Team Profiles – Central Division

LeBron James, Andre Drummond - RotoEvil's #1 NBA Fantasy Draft Guide

by Eric Wong on September 25, 2016

It shows how powerful LeBron James is when a dude as big and strong as Andre Drummond struggles to contain him in the paint. But the Pistons and Pacers are solid bets to make the playoffs again, and the young Bucks are dangerous too. As for those revamped Chicago Bulls, there are lots of question marks heading into preseason… (Read More…)


Team Profiles – Atlantic Division

Kyle Lowry, Isaiah Thomas - #1 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide

by Eric Wong on September 25, 2016

The Raptors and Celtics are the top teams in this division, with Kyle Lowry and Isaiah Thomas their respective leaders. Meanwhile, the Knicks, Nets and 76ers combined to win just 63 games last season, but New York could challenge for a playoff spot this year and Philly is loaded with frontcourt talent. (Read More…)


Team Profiles – Northwest Division

Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook - RotoEvil's #1 Fantasy Basketball Draft Kit

by Eric Wong on September 25, 2016

With Kevin Durant gone, Russell Westbrook will have to elevate his game even further to keep the Thunder on top of this division. But they’re going to face stiff competition from Lillard’s young and talented Blazers and the deep and well-balanced Utah Jazz.

Find out which players are ready for bigger roles, and who the key X-factors and top bench sleepers are for all teams. (Read More…)


Team Profiles – Pacific Division

Stephen Curry, Chris Paul - RotoEvil's #1 NBA Fantasy Draft Guide

by Eric Wong on September 25, 2016

Chris Paul’s Clippers have won 53+ games in four straight seasons, but they’ve yet to advance past the 2nd round. Can they pull off the upset, or are Curry’s Warriors simply too talented?

And will the Lakers, Suns and Kings continue to struggle mightily, or will one of them surprise us this season?
(Read More…)


Team Profiles – Southwest Division

Kawhi Leonard, James Harden - #1 NBA Fantasy Draft Guide

by Eric Wong on September 25, 2016

Last season Kawhi Leonard’s Spurs ran away with this division, but James Harden’s Rockets are looking to bounce back in a big way under the guidance of Mike D’Antoni.

With lots of talented players on new teams (Barnes and Bogut on the Mavs, Anderson and Gordon on the Rockets, Parsons on the Grizzlies, Stephenson on the Pelicans, Gasol on the Spurs), this is an intriguing division.
(Read More…)

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