Team Depth Charts

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by Eric Wong on February 7, 2020

Our COLOR CODED Depth Charts file has been updated to reflect all of the recent trades. This helps to visualize team rotations and see how each team’s fantasy value is spread out! (Read More…)


Positional Tiers (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on December 25, 2019

Here are our Player Positional Tiers sorted by Yahoo positions. This spreadsheet is always useful for comparing similar players, and to come up with good trade ideas.

Find out which players breakout star Devonte Graham compares to. Last Updated: Dec. 25th
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Post Your Rosters Here and Give/Get Feedback

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by Eric Wong on October 21, 2019

Okay RotoEvil Nation, it’s time to see how you did in your drafts!

Come inside and list your rosters, but please remember to give thoughtful comments on other people’s teams too, as they’ll be more likely to return the favor.

Cheers to all of us having strong seasons!!
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Listen to the Dunks & Dimes Podcast!

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by Eric Wong on October 20, 2019

Did you know The Athletic has a new free fantasy hoops podcast featuring myself and Brandon Funston? Just search for “Dunks & Dimes” on any of the major podcast platforms, and if you like what you hear, please share, review and subscribe!

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Projected NBA Standings (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 19, 2019

Our projected win-loss records have been updated for all 30 teams, with the Warriors looking dangerously close to missing out on the playoffs. (Read More…)


RotoEvil’s Draft Tracker Tool (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 18, 2019

Our Draft Tracker Tool has been updated, so make sure you have the latest file! As RotoEvil regulars know, using this tool gives them a serious advantage over their opponents. (Read More…)


Draft Kit Lite Cheatsheet + Player Rankings

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by Eric Wong on October 18, 2019

Geared towards our Draft Kit Lite users playing in shallower leagues, this cheatsheet is designed to be as effective as possible without the clutter. We promise that even if you do last minute drafting, you’ll STILL walk away with a very strong team!
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Sortable Stat Projections (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 18, 2019

Download our Sortable Stat Projections for nearly 400 players, to be updated throughout preseason. (Read More…)


Auction Drafts – Tips & Strategies

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by Eric Wong on October 18, 2019

Auction drafts are very different than normal snake drafts, and things can get hectic quickly if you’re not well-prepared. In this article we examine the pros and cons of different auction strategies, and provide you with helpful bidding and spending tips so that you can stay calm, cool and confident during your auction, and come away with the strongest team in your league. (Read More…)


10 Top Players That I’m Avoiding (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 14, 2019

For this article I’ve chosen nine guys who rank in my Top 100, as well as a bonus player who continues to be picked in the Top 70, despite him not even cracking my Top 125.

I’ve yet to draft any of these players, and I’ve decided that I’ll be avoiding them completely. So consider this a warning, and proceed with caution on these guys… (Read More…)


Sample Teams for 12 Superstars (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 9, 2019

Since I’ve already completed half a dozen drafts, I decided to comb through all of them and compare side by side what each LeBron James-led team looks like, what each Anthony Davis-led team looks like, and so on.

I then picked what I felt was the strongest team built around each superstar, and you can see what those teams look like inside. (Read More…)


Player Ages for This Season, From Vince to Zion

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by Eric Wong on October 7, 2019

Vince Carter was drafted by the Hawks before Trae Young was even born, and now he’s helping to guide Trae on his own path to superstardom.

Inside you’ll find the ages for nearly every NBA player expected to suit up this season, starting with Vince and ending with Zion. If you’re wise like VC, you’ll try to read between the lines and use this data to your advantage. (Read More…)


Draft Analysis – Learn to Draft Like RotoEvil

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by Eric Wong on October 4, 2019

Are you ready to read about how I built a (hopefully) winning Roto squad around The Greek Freak? In part 2 of this article, we examine rounds 13-25 and see how my final roster stacks up to a few other potential contenders.

Besides telling you the players that I picked each round and my thought process behind each decision, I also provide analysis on guys that I passed on, plus picks that I liked and disliked from each round. (Read More…)


30+ Deep League Targets (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 2, 2019

In this article a year ago we mentioned guys like JaVale McGee, Delon Wright and Zach Collins, and now those guys are commonly being targeted in this year’s drafts. Most of these players won’t even get drafted in normal-sized leagues, but I bet they’re going to be some of the hottest pickups at one point or another.

Find out which guys flying under the radar you need to know about! (Read More…)


Head-to-Head Punting Strategies (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 2, 2019

LeBron James has been a terrible free throw shooter in recent years, but thankfully in H2H leagues you can simply punt that category. Come inside to read about key players to team up with him, as well as several different sample teams for H2H. (Read More…)


Players to Avoid Near the End of Drafts

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by Eric Wong on October 1, 2019

In part one of this article, I go over guys that you can safely ignore at the end of your drafts, so you’re not simply wasting late picks.

This article is open to Draft Kit Lite users, but part two will be premium only. (Read More…)


In our Breakout Stars article from LAST season, we hyped up guys like Pascal Siakam, De’Aaron Fox and Montrezl Harrell, who ended up finishing 1st, 3rd and 7th for last year’s Most Improved Player award.

So don’t be surprised when most of the guys on this list not only exceed their average draft expectations, but end up being some of the most improved players in the league! (Read More…)


13 More Obvious Breakout Stars

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by Eric Wong on September 29, 2019

In the past I would lump all Young Breakout Stars together, placing them in groups related to their projected value.

Instead, I think it makes more sense to separate breakout players into the ones who are more obvious (guys who will be getting lots of attention over the next few weeks) and the guys who are actually going under the radar (that only one or two others in your league may be targeting). Here are 2019-20’s most obvious breakout players in my eyes.
(Read More…)


13 Bounce Back Ballers

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by Eric Wong on September 29, 2019

In this article we focus on players that are poised to bounce back, while also suggesting when it’s “safe” to select them.

Dwight Howard is essentially on a day-to-day contract with the Lakers, making it awfully hard for fantasy owners to trust him. Does he make the cut as one of our Bounce Back Ballers??? (Read More…)


Preseason Position Battles to Watch

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by Eric Wong on September 28, 2019

The Denver Nuggets were one of the deepest teams in the league last season, and they got even DEEPER over the summer.

Let’s discuss which guys you should still target, and who will have to sacrifice the most.
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In our popular Cornerstone Combos article, we help build your fantasy foundation by suggesting six players to consider teaming up with each 1st round superstar, which forms the identity for all winning fantasy teams. Anyone can get lucky enough to select James Harden, but who do you plan on teaming up with him??? (Read More…)


Weekly Schedule Grid

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by Eric Wong on September 28, 2019

Knowing the schedule every week and utilizing it to your advantage is an important element of fantasy hoops, and RotoEvil has the most useful and user-friendly Weekly Schedule Grid around. (Read More…)