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Get RotoEvil’s MVP Assist plan for January-April 2017

Thanks for your interest in RotoEvil, Fantasy Basketball’s best kept secret.

Our discounted “Rest of Season” MVP Assist plan is now available for just $49, which provides access to our premium content from January-April 2017, and includes the following:

-Weekly Player Pickups-
There are always a couple of no-brainer pickups every week, but I like to dig deeper, suggesting a handful of players who are still under the radar and readily available in competitive leagues.

-Updated Future 120 Rankings-
This includes SPECIAL updates to be released in mid-February (Top Picks for 2nd Half Playing Time Boosts) and mid-April (Top 120 Keepers for Next Season and Beyond), plus regular Top 30 Ranking updates in January and March.

-Updated Depth Charts-
The morning after the trade deadline (Feb. 24th), updated Team Depth Charts will be ready for you, including which guys should benefit the most from the hopefully numerous deadline deals.

-Updated Positional Tiers-
Our Tiers were just updated (Jan. 6th), with further Positional Tier updates scheduled for early February and mid-March (the final month of the season is the toughest to figure out, making the mid-March Tiers extra useful/valuable).

-Playoff Predictions-
After the regular season has ended, I will share my NBA Playoff predictions with you, where I’ll likely go against the grain with at least one of my picks.

-Email Support-
As RotoE MVP Assist users, I encourage you to send specific questions so that I can help make your tough decisions easier, while trying to help guide you to a championship.

Buy RotoEvil’s MVP Assist Plan” width=The “Rest of Season” MVP Assist plan was initially advertised at $79, but I’ve knocked $30 off that price to keep more of you on board for the rest of this season!

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RotoEvil’s MVP Assist for January-April 2017

Once your purchase has been completed, please verify your account by sending an email with the following details:

1) your RotoEvil username (or let us know if you’re new!)
2) your preferred email address to receive articles/updates

Thanks for your continued support, now let’s win those fantasy leagues!


Eric Wong