What’s Included in the Basic Draft Guide?

by Eric Wong on September 12, 2017

Our 2017-18 Basic Draft Guide includes the following:

-Profiles for 300+ Players
These profiles include strengths/weaknesses, important variables to consider and “Bottom Line” analysis, and are broken down by teams to examine rotations and how guys affect one other. Be sure to check out our Free Draft Guide Preview for examples of key players!

-Sortable Stat Projections for 350+ Players
Hand-crafted projections for 25+ different categories, RotoEvil’s rankings and projections have proven to be more accurate than our competitors.

-RotoEvil Draft Tracker Tool
Our popular Draft Tracker Tool allows you to input all of your league’s scoring categories to create Customized Rankings, either for Roto or H2H leagues (a Points-based version is also included, but Auction Values are not included in the Basic Draft Guide).

Our Draft Tool continues to assist during your draft by showing the highest ranked players available from each tier, and by monitoring your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Just type in player’s names after you draft them, and it tells you which categories you are strong in and which ones you need to improve. Your opponents are at a serious disadvantage without this!

-Positional Tiers
Our Positional Tiers are great for helping you decide between comparable players, and for obtaining awesome late round value picks. While everyone else is picking from Tier 5, Tier 4 guys will simply fall into your lap!

-Cornerstone Combos
Our most popular article every year, Cornerstone Combos helps get your strategic juices flowing by focusing on how to build around each superstar, and which stars you should target to team up with them, with strategies for both Roto and H2H leagues.

-Team Depth Charts
Our Depth Charts are much more useful than other ones you’ll find on the web.

–Weekly Schedule Grid
Once you use our schedule grid, you’ll see how it’s so much more intuitive than our competitors.

*Now check out the added premium content in the Ultimate Draft Guide!

Or buy the Basic now:
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