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Free Projections + Analysis: John Wall

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by Eric Wong on September 10, 2017

Should John Wall be a definitive 1st round pick for 2017-18?

Even our Basic Draft Guide includes Player Profiles + Stat Projections for 300+ players. Some sites like to take the easy way out by relying on algorithms to make their projections, but we continue to calculate by hand, going team by team, player by player, category by category. Of course tons of research is done to properly assess each player, and these stats are added up for each team to make sure we’re not overshooting (for example, that we don’t have the new-look Timberwolves suddenly scoring 130+ points per game).

John Wall

Wall’s 10.7 dimes per game last season sandwiched him in between Harden’s 11.2 apg and Westbrook’s 10.4 apg, but consider that James committed 5.7 turnovers and Russ 5.4 turnovers per game, while John only committed 4.1 to’s, for a solid 2.58 ast/to ratio (both Harden and Westy were under 2.00). Now entering his 8th season, Wall has really mastered how to control the pace of a game and how to best get his teammates involved, thanks to his brain catching up to his speed and skills (more evidence of this is John’s 6.8 FTA last year, which was easily a career-best).

And defensively Wall has been very, very good, but now that Kobe has challenged him to make 1st team All-Defense, he might step it up even more on that end of the floor, where he’s great at using his long arms to cause turnovers (2nd in steals per game and 1st in blocks among point guards last year). Wall’s only real weakness at this point in his shaky 3-point shooting, where he made just 1.1 threes per game last season and has a career-high of just 35% 3P. But if more treys start falling for him, he’ll become one of the league’s truly elite.

Bottom Line: At 27 years old Wall is in the prime of his career, and his supporting cast is familiar and pretty solid. I’m projecting John’s minutes to come down slightly because new backup Tim Frazier is a definite upgrade over Trey Burke, but Wall should still be able to meet or exceed his production from last year, and his 3-point shooting can only improve. He’s often overshadowed by Harden, Westbrook and Curry, but he considers himself to be one of their peers, and who’s to say he can’t surpass them? Wall should be a Top 12 pick in nearly every league this season, and you can expect stud numbers on a nightly basis.

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