What’s Included in the Ultimate Draft Guide?

by Eric Wong on September 12, 2017

Ultimate Draft Guide users get access to the Basic Draft Guide, PLUS the following premium content:

-Learn to Draft Like RotoEvil
A round-by-round breakdown of my first draft of the season, to give insight on my thought process during drafts, while also pointing out the good picks and bad picks of others. This is an awesome way for you to prepare for your own drafts.

-TOP SECRET Positional Tiers
This color-coded spreadsheet helps you quickly and easily see which players I’m liking and disliking for 2017-18. These Top Secret Tiers will be updated every week until the season starts, and then once a month afterwards, so you know which players are trending up/down throughout the season. Highlighted players will consist of:

-60 Players to Target
Find out which players I’ll truly be targeting this season. This includes my favorite early and middle round picks, plus the later round guys that I’m most optimistic about. I will be drafting these players multiple times in my own high-stakes leagues, so YOU TOO should draft these guys with confidence.

-60 Players to Avoid or Be Careful Of
Find out which players I’ll be avoiding this season, from big-name stars to trendy “sleeper” picks. This will help you to avoid making major mistakes on draft day.

-30 Deep Sleepers
Find out my favorite players who are likely to go undrafted in most leagues, yet have a solid chance of making fantasy noise. Learn about these TRUE sleepers before your competition even has them on their radar.

-My 10 Favorite Teams for Fantasy
Everyone knows the Warriors and Rockets are going to have high-powered offenses, but in this premium article you’ll find out which OTHER teams I’m liking for the season ahead.

-Updated Stat Projections for 300+ Players
Ultimate users will also receive Stat Projection updates for the remaining season both right before Christmas (to adjust for early season changes) and during the All-Star break (to predict the final couple of months).

-Projected NBA Standings
Use this to wager on over/under Team Win totals before the season begins. With a strong success rate in years past, this spreadsheet alone should easily pay for the price of the Ultimate Draft Guide.

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