RotoE’s Draft Tracker Tool – for Points-based leagues

Our Draft Tool for points-based scoring leagues has been updated.

Different leagues use different points systems, but you can easily input your scoring system, to calculate rankings specific to your league.

For Points-based leagues only!

Last updated: December 21st

*Make sure you click on “Enable Macros” for the tool to work properly, download the latest version, and please read ALL instructions!

*These files can be viewed with other spreadsheet programs, such as Google Sheets, but certain features will only work using Microsoft Excel!

Click to download the Draft Tool for POINTS-based leagues

*Dec. 12th update: ESPN has a NEW points-scoring formula, and the sheet has been updated to use this new formula as the default scoring inputs.

*Sometimes workplaces have macros disabled, which can result in a “blocked content” error. However, you can follow Excel’s steps to convert the file, then enable content and say that it’s a trusted file.


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