RotoE’s Draft Tracker Tool – for Roto and H2H category leagues

This tool can do a lot, such as monitoring your team’s strengths and weaknesses after every pick, quickly seeing who the top players available are in every category, adjusting dollar values for your league’s auction, and much more. By request, the Select 80 Tiers have been added to the draft tool!

As RotoEvil regulars know, this tool gives you a serious advantage over your opponents. Last updated: December 21st

For Roto or Head-to-Head category leagues only!

*Make sure you click on “Enable Macros” for the tool to work properly, download the latest version, and please read ALL instructions!

*These files can be viewed with other spreadsheet programs, such as Google Sheets, but certain features will only work using Microsoft Excel!

Click to download the Draft Tracker Tool w/ auction values

*Dec. 12th update: Yahoo positions have been updated for the last time, please verify player positions before making your picks!

*Sometimes workplaces have macros disabled, which can result in a “blocked content” error. However, you can follow Excel’s steps to convert the file, then enable content and say that it’s a trusted file.

*If you can’t see the tabs at the bottom, try going to View > Full Screen.

*If you plan on Re-Sorting the Rankings DURING a draft (meaning you’ve already checked off some players who’ve been picked), make sure that you “Show Undrafted” to hide all players picked BEFORE you “Re-Sort Rankings.”

*We suggest playing around with this file well before your actual draft, so that you’re completely familiar with it.

*We suggest checking off at least 2 players (by putting an X in the “Drafted?”column) BEFORE clicking on the “Show Undrafted” button. Sometimes if you click on the button after just one player there is a strange glitch, but this fixes itself once you check off another player and click on the button again.

*If you are having trouble with Macros, try following the steps here.


  1. Hey Eric, Big problem here! In the past, when I input my league’s simple scoring method(points+rebounds+assists+steals+blocks-turnovers) , your program simply added the projected values and listed them in order. This year, there is a “RotoEvil Rank” order with different values than the total of our input system. How closely do they correlate? So, when I look, Simmons is ranked third in RotoEvil Rank, Harden fourth. Yet Harden is projected to average 45.12 /zelmos per game, Simmons only 34.19. Perplexing!!

  2. Hi Eric,

    Any updates on that 21st update? I too have my draft tonight and trying to wait, wait, wait to update my drafting order/strategy to your draft kit update this morning. Hoping you are on the West coast and not Hawaii ;-)

  3. Hi Eric,

    Looking forward to another great season fleecing my league mates. Will the draft tracker be updated again? Got my draft tomorrow night (21st) and wanted to check.


  4. Hi Eric,

    I have an upcoming auction next week in a 10tm $200 H2H 9-cat. How do you suggest building a team through an auction?

  5. Hi Eric,

    I have got some upcoming draft this week, and I would like to know when do you expect to update the tracker tools? So that I can have better preparations either using the current one (12 Dec) or wait for the next one.

  6. Hey Eric, I just signed up for your site/drat kit today and I was curious if the roto draft tracker and auction is the same kit because I can only find the link above for Draft Tracker w/auction tool. Thanks in advance and I look forward to navigating your site and information with my keeper draft coming up on the 18th.

    1. Also I would love to get your thoughts on a tool that I am creating. Where can I send the link?

  7. Eric, in the current tool the shading for category strength is based on “12 team leagues, that start 120-150 players”. For example, 5.50+ is dark green. How would you adjust this for 16 team leagues though probably around the same number of starting players.

    1. If it’s the same number of starters you should still be able to hit similar numbers, just focus on getting them as high as possible, right? But the 8th man in a 16 team league is going to drag your averages down about the same as the 11th man in a 12 team league. Just focus on your core of 7-9 guys, rather than 10-12.

  8. I am using the Draft Tracker for a league with 10 teams, 14 drafted players (11 active) and a $250 budget per team. Once resorted, there are a significant number of players in the top 140 with a value less than $1, and almost half of the 140 have a value under $10. Is this an error? Shouldn’t all of the top 140 have a minimum $1 value in the Draft Tracker system and are the results too top heavy? Thank you and really enjoy your site and product.

    1. Not too top heavy at all, because the top players are who you want! What the values suggest is that the bottom half of players drafted are easily replaceable by guys who don’t get drafted, so why pay a premium for them, right?

      1. Yes, but if there is $2500 in the pool to be spent on 140 players, and the system has 40+ players at less than $1, but the minimum bid on a player is $1, then there is not enough money in the overall pool to spend at your projection level for the top 100 players. But, generally, I understand your point.

  9. I’m in a roto league that includes a special counting cat for 3Ds(3pts each) and DDs (1 pt each). How would you suggest I capture that in the scoring inputs since you list DDs and 3Ds separately? I’ve tried .75 3D/.25DD but somehow that doesn’t seem right in terms of the rankings output.

      1. I’m talking about 1 category in my roto league that counts triple doubles (3pts each) and double doubles (1pt each) ….most total points wins the category. In the tracker tool you list DD and TD separately, so my question is what I should input into the scoring inputs tab for DD and TD to best capture player value in what is 1 category in my league. Right now I’m using 0.75 TD and 0.25 DD to mirror the 3pts to 1pt TD/DD ratio in the category.

        1. Gotcha, I suggest placing more emphasis on the DD, because there are so few TDs, that the difference between 2 of them vs. 1 of them will make a huge difference. Try reversing those values and see how it looks, so .75 for DD and .25 for TD. Or maybe 50/50.

  10. NFBK ADP noooiiicccee.
    It would be helpful if there was a color indicator for guys you rank significantly higher/lower, ie by a round, than their NFBK ADP.
    Min NFBK ADP data would be helpful.
    That’s what I use when I’m really targeting a player.

    1. Thats smart thinking Fred. I won’t be adding that to the draft tool because it would be numbers overload and too much work for me (I’m manually typing in the ADP), but I recommend everyone take a closer look at the ADP numbers here, and you can see what Fred is talking about.

  11. have an IL spot available. would you draft kemba and kristaps higher? which rounds would they be of value being an IL stash?

    1. Yep, cuz I see him playing very little. He’s basically their 4th C, since Zion will also slide over.

  12. I plan to update this file over the weekend, but am not sure what time. Still trying to soak in the schedules, and how that affects some of my projections. Thanks for your patience.

  13. I am little confused, what tab are your actual rankings, the Roto Evil Draft Tool tab or the Stat Projections tab?

    What are the players on the Stat Projections tab sorted based on?

    1. Draft tool are the rankings, stat projections are simply sorted by points per game projections.

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