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Ultimate Draft Guide

Ultimate Depth Charts for Final Month (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on March 12, 2018

We’ve entered the final month of the regular season, and many players and teams have become tough to rely on (Jamal Murray’s Nuggets are an exception).

Making key roster/lineup decisions in March and April is not an easy thing to do, but hopefully this file will assist you. (Read More…)

Post All-Star Stat Projections (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on February 26, 2018

Stat Projections have been updated for the final seven weeks of the season.

Find out what to expect from Bjelica and Crawford now that Jimmy Butler is sidelined, as well as which guys are trending downward. (Read More…)

Donovan Mitchell continues to soar, but Dennis Smith Jr. is also on the rise. How do these rookie guards compare to their veteran counterparts?
(Read More…)

Rest of Season Stat Projections (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on December 30, 2017

What can we expect from Isaiah Thomas now that he’s ready to return, and how will that affect LeBron James?

Here are updated Stat Projections for Isaiah, LeBron and 278 other players, focusing on Jan. 1st onward. (Read More…)

Positional Tiers have been updated again, as we’re two months into the regular season.

Our analysis focuses on the guys who’ve moved up or down, with some suggestions on players to try and buy low or sell high. (Read More…)

Updated Positional Tiers + Analysis (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on November 19, 2017

Our Positional Tiers have been updated, with analysis for the Top 5 tiers. Use this to come up with smart trade offers and to help determine the top free agents available.
(Read More…)

Hey hoops fans! Now that we’re a couple weeks into the season, it’s a great time to create our Ultimate Depth Charts file (formerly VIP Depth Charts), while doing a team by team analysis to gain a better understanding of why guys are color coded green, orange, yellow or grey.

No team has more concentrated fantasy value than the Pelicans do with this duo!
(Read More…)

Here is the last update to our Top Secret Tiers before the regular season begins!

Without a doubt, this is the #1 most valuable and highly coveted cheat sheet for fantasy basketball, period!
(Read More…)

12 Career Year Candidates (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on October 14, 2017

Today I hit you with one final Career Year Candidate, who seems poised for a monster year.

Who will be this year’s James Johnson???
(Read More…)

10 Favorite Teams for Fantasy (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on October 13, 2017

Everyone knows the Warriors and Rockets are going to have high-powered offenses, but in this premium article you’ll find out which OTHER teams I’m liking for the season ahead.
Today I reveal which team has earned our 10th and final spot, and the answer may surprise most people. (Read More…)

Projected NBA Standings (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on October 12, 2017

Win-loss records have been updated for all 30 teams, and I let you know which new wagers I’m feeling really good about!
Place bets using our recommended over/under wagers, and the Ultimate Draft Guide should pay for itself! (Read More…)

My Favorite Deep Sleepers (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on October 7, 2017

Other fantasy sites love to use the word “sleeper” as much as possible, but RotoEvil prefers to focus on TRUE deep sleepers, such as Dejounte Murray.

More Deep Sleepers have now been added! (Read More…)

Learn to Draft Like RotoEvil (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on September 24, 2017

In Part 3 of this premium article, Ultimate users find out my 19th-25th round picks (of a 300 player deep draft), with final roster analysis and a comparison to two of the other top teams.

Get first-hand insight into the way I draft and think!

This article is only available for Ultimate Draft Guide users. Email to inquire about upgrading. (Read More…)

More Players to Avoid or Be Careful Of (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on September 22, 2017

Here are 40 more players to avoid or be careful of, separated into ten different groups.

There is a wide range of players here, and this premium article will help you to avoid making major mistakes on draft day. (Read More…)

What’s Included in the Ultimate Draft Guide?

by Eric Wong on September 12, 2017

Ultimate Draft Guide users get access to the Basic Draft Guide, PLUS the following premium content:

-Learn to Draft Like RotoEvil
A round-by-round breakdown of my first draft of the season, to give insight on my thought process during drafts, while also pointing out the good picks and bad picks of others. This is an awesome way for you to prepare for your own drafts.

-TOP SECRET Positional Tiers
This color-coded spreadsheet helps you quickly and easily see which players I’m liking and disliking for 2017-18. These Top Secret Tiers will be updated every week until the season starts, and then once a month afterwards, so you know which players are trending up/down throughout the season. (Read More…)