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Thunder and Lightning Duos

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by Eric Wong on October 14, 2018

To increase the fun factor in fantasy hoops, I suggest forming some “Thunder and Lightning.”

How does one do this?

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Eric’s Auction Draft Results

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by Eric Wong on October 14, 2018

Come check out the team that I formed in my ultra-competitive auction draft, and compare it to all of the other teams!

You’ll find out what auction strategy I opted for and which stars are leading my squad, plus the $1 guys that I bid on to round out my roster. (Read More…)

10 Favorite Teams for Fantasy (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on October 11, 2018

Last season the Warriors scored 1,200 more points than the Kings and the Rockets made 598 more threes than the Timberwolves. But everyone already knows about Golden State and Houston!

In this premium article you’ll find out more teams that I’m liking for the season ahead, thanks to their reliable stat-stuffing abilities or some key changes that they made in the offseason. A couple new teams have been added! (Read More…)

Learn to Draft Like RotoEvil (Ultimate)

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by Eric Wong on October 3, 2018

In Part 3 of this premium article, Ultimate Draft Guide users find out my 18th thru 25th round picks, to round out my roster in this draft-only league (no in-season pickups).

This article is only available for Ultimate Draft Guide users. Email to inquire about upgrading.
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Top 10 Position Battles to Watch

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by Eric Wong on September 21, 2018

In this article we ponder whether Rajon Rondo or Lonzo Ball will be starting (and/or finishing) games for the Lakers, as well as several other key position battles to watch out for during training camp and preseason.

So who do you got? Rondo or Lonzo??
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Cornerstone Combos

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by Eric Wong on September 17, 2018

The first few players that you draft are extremely important, because they build the foundation and form the identity for all winning fantasy teams.

In our popular Cornerstone Combos article, we suggest 6 players to consider teaming up with each potential 1st round pick, including some great combo ideas for Anthony Davis. (Read More…)