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Team Depth Charts

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by Eric Wong on October 27, 2019

Our COLOR CODED Depth Charts file has been updated to reflect early season changes/injuries. This helps to visualize team rotations and how each team’s fantasy value is spread out! (Read More…)


Projected NBA Standings (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 19, 2019

Our projected win-loss records have been updated for all 30 teams, with the Warriors looking dangerously close to missing out on the playoffs. (Read More…)


RotoEvil’s Draft Tracker Tool (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 18, 2019

Our Draft Tracker Tool has been updated, so make sure you have the latest file! As RotoEvil regulars know, using this tool gives them a serious advantage over their opponents. (Read More…)


Positional Tiers (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 18, 2019

Here are our Player Positional Tiers sorted by Yahoo positions. This spreadsheet is always useful for comparing similar players, and finding the best value late in drafts.

Find out which tier Zion has fallen to now that he’s expected to miss a couple of weeks!
Last Updated: Oct. 18th
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Draft Kit Lite Cheatsheet + Player Rankings

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by Eric Wong on October 18, 2019

Geared towards our Draft Kit Lite users playing in shallower leagues, this cheatsheet is designed to be as effective as possible without the clutter. We promise that even if you do last minute drafting, you’ll STILL walk away with a very strong team!
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Sortable Stat Projections (Premium)

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by Eric Wong on October 18, 2019

Download our Sortable Stat Projections for nearly 400 players, to be updated throughout preseason. (Read More…)


Weekly Schedule Grid

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by Eric Wong on September 28, 2019

Knowing the schedule every week and utilizing it to your advantage is an important element of fantasy hoops, and RotoEvil has the most useful and user-friendly Weekly Schedule Grid around. (Read More…)