Eric’s Select 80 Players to Target

Okay RotoEvil nation, it’s time to see how you drafted!

Come inside to post your rosters and ask for feedback, but I’m especially interested in which Select 80 players you decided to go after. And after combing through all of my teams, I’m also ready to share the Select 80 players who I drafted most frequently. (Read More…)

Three new targets have been added today!

My ‘Select 80’ list debuted last season, and it turned out to be a great idea. By pointing out solid targets, across all stages of the draft, readers were able to take a more simplistic approach, while nailing a higher percentage of their picks.

I can promise that if over 80% of the players who you draft come from this list, without overreaching, you are going to draft a strong team that you’re happy with. (Read More…)