Team Depth Charts

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by Eric Wong on December 27, 2020

Now that team rotations are more clear, our Depth Charts have been updated once again, including all of the correct 2-way players.

This spreadsheet also helps to visualize each team’s overall fantasy value and reliability, thanks to some simple color coding!

Last updated: December 27th
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This tool can do a lot, such as monitoring your team’s strengths and weaknesses after every pick, quickly seeing who the top players available are in every category, adjusting dollar values for your league’s auction, and much more. By request, the Select 80 Tiers have been added to the draft tool!

As RotoEvil regulars know, this tool gives you a serious advantage over your opponents. Last updated: December 21st (Read More…)

Our Draft Tool for points-based scoring leagues has been updated.

Different leagues use different points systems, but you can easily input your scoring system, to calculate rankings specific to your league. (Read More…)

Sortable Stat Projections

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by Eric Wong on December 21, 2020

Stat projections for 350+ players have been updated one last time, with the draft tools next to be updated! Last updated: December 21st (Read More…)

Auction Drafting 15 of my Select 80 Guys

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by Eric Wong on December 19, 2020

I just finished up my annual auction draft with a very competitive group of guys, including three other RotoE subscribers.

So did that prevent me from getting a bunch of my Select 80 targets?? Not at all!!!

Come inside to see my team, and see how the rest of the auction played out… (Read More…)

Our regular positional tiers have now been replaced with something far more valuable.
Quite simply, this is the ULTIMATE TARGET LIST to draft from.

Featuring 80 player targets of all varieties, spread throughout the entire draft, THESE are the players that you want to focus on. I present to you… my Select 80. (Read More…)

Eric Wong’s Select 80 List (for List-only users)

by Eric Wong on December 17, 2020

This is for people who’ve purchased the Select 80 list only, and not the full draft kit. (Read More…)