Future 120 Rankings – 2013 Rookie Class (Free Sample article)

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by Eric Wong on September 24, 2016

“Future 120” is our new and improved way of assessing the league’s top young prospects. We’ve created Top 30 Player Rankings (plus honorable mentions) for each of the past 4 Rookie classes, determined by analyzing them in three key areas: their projected role for 2016-17, their star potential/fantasy upside and their physical/mental readiness.

The Greek Freak is clearly at the top of this class, but where do guys like Steven Adams, Otto Porter, Allen Crabbe and Robert Covington rank compared to their 4th year peers? Psst: there are a lot of legit fantasy sleepers in the bottom half of this group.

By studying our Future 120 Rankings, analysis and video footage, you’ll significantly increase your chances of knowing who the next CJ McCollum’s, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s and Nikola Jokic’s are, which is one of the keys to winning in fantasy hoops.

#9. Otto Porter (Wizards)
Role on Team: 4.0, Potential: 4.0, Readiness: 4.0, Impact Score: 12.0
As the #3 pick from 2013, Porter disappointed his first two seasons in the league. But he’s coming off a breakout 2015-16 season in which he scored efficiently (47.3% FG and 36.7% 3P) and did a little bit of everything for Washington. He’s not the most athletic guy around, but his long arms help him grab steals (1.4 per game) and defend multiple positions.

Now that Otto knows he belongs in this league, look for him to take another step forward this season, especially if Wall/Beal play up to their potential, taking more pressure off of Porter. He’s not an elite prospect, but should carve out a solid NBA career.

#10. Alex Len (Suns)
Role on Team: 4.0, Potential: 4.0, Readiness: 3.5, Impact Score: 11.5
The #5 pick from 2013 took a step backwards last season, as his FG% dropped from 51% to 42% FG and his shot-blocking slipped from 1.52 to .79 blocks per game, despite his minutes going up. As such, one must question if he’s ready for a larger role in Phoenix. The 23 year old is still quite skinny and has awkward athleticism, but he’s also very long and has a decent skill set.

Len’s best month of last season was March, when he averaged a solid 13.7 points, 11.2 boards and 2.1 assists (but again, just 39% FG), including this game against the Warriors where his mid-range jumper is falling. Alex has the potential to move up these rankings, but needs to show some serious improvement this season.

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