RotoEvil’s NBA Fantasy Draft Guide is Almost Here…

RotoEvil is back for 2014-15!

Great news NBA fans, RotoEvil is back and ready to help you dominate another season of fantasy basketball.

Our kickass Draft Guide will be available by the end of September, so stop messin’ with the rest and come get the best Fantasy Hoops Draft Guide out there.

Our 400+ Player Projections are being combed over on a daily basis, to ensure that our Customizable Rankings and superb Positional Tiers are going to keep you ahead of the competition.

And you wanna talk Sleepers and Breakout Players? Oh yeah, we’ve got you covered there, as RotoEvil has already identified 75 of our 80 favorite Players to Target for the season ahead. From Career Year Candidates to Bounceback Ballers to Young Breakout Stars to Ultra-Deep Sleepers, we let you know which players you should be targeting on draft day.

For those who REALLY need your fantasy hoops fix, our 400+ Player Profiles will provide you with countless hours of excellent material. By detailing each player’s strengths & weaknesses (in terms of both fantasy value & on court skills), explaining why player roles/stats should improve or decline, and providing our “Evil’s Outlook” where we suggest what kind of potential players have and where you should consider drafting them, we’re sure to provide you with DEEPER KNOWLEDGE AND INSIGHT than our competitors.

Of course, our popular Cornerstone Combos article is back again to help you form a winning fantasy foundation, and we’ll continue to add more valuable content throughout preseason. After consuming our vast amount of fantasy hoops knowledge and using our superb spreadsheet tools to assist you, you’re almost guaranteed to form a winning fantasy team on draft day.

Some key new additions for this year include:
-Coaching Changes article
We rank this year’s 9 new head coaches in order of fantasy appeal, while analyzing how their teams are expected to play, what they’ve shown us in the past, and which players should benefit the most.

-RotoEvil VIP Community
Replacing our old Forum and Twitter feed, we’ve created a new Google+ “Community,” a private invite-only group where RotoEvil members can interact on a daily basis throughout the season. We will analyze & discuss game matchups and player salaries for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) leagues, in addition to examining new injuries & rotations and asking & answering questions about managing our regular fantasy squads. The goal is to bring together the most die-hard fantasy hoops fans to help each other dominate our leagues, both on a daily basis and all season long.

For this VIP Community, I am actively recruiting a select group of my most passionate readers to become Team Reporters. These reporters will closely follow specific teams during the season, so that they can share their insights with everyone else in the community. Ideally, we will converse on a regular basis and also host weekly video chats. If you are interested in becoming a RotoEvil Team Reporter and helping to create a valuable and noteworthy community, please contact me.

If you want to know more about what our valuable Draft Guide includes, and why RotoEvil has the finest Fantasy Basketball Tools and Analysis available, be sure to click here.

So get ready for RotoEvil’s 2014-2015 NBA Fantasy Draft Guide!

We are very confident about our projections & rankings for the season ahead, and we want to help YOU be the most knowledgeable & well-prepared owner on draft day, so that you can dominate your leagues.

Cheers to another fun season of fantasy hoops. Click Here to Email if you have any questions, suggestions, requests, or words of gratitude.


Eric Wong AKA RotoE

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Big September 25, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Hurry!!! My first draft starts on the 27th. LOL

sircharles34 September 22, 2013 at 11:22 pm

I can’t wait!!! :D

mike September 20, 2013 at 4:46 pm

Very excited