RotoEvil’s 2016-17 NBA Fantasy Draft Guide is almost here…

We’ll be posting Free Sample articles below, and our Draft Guide will be ready shortly. Thanks for your patience, and get ready for another fun and successful fantasy hoops season!

Future 120 Rankings (2013 Rookie Class: Porter and Len)
Future 120 Rankings (2014 Rookie Class: Mirotic and Bogdanovic)
Future 120 Rankings (2015 Rookie Class: Russell and Mudiay)
Future 120 Rankings (2016 Rookie Class: Simmons and Saric)
“Future 120” is our new and improved way of assessing the league’s top young prospects. These are Top 30 Player Rankings (plus honorable mentions) for each of the past 4 Rookie classes, determined by analyzing them in three key areas: their projected role for 2016-17, their star potential/fantasy upside and their physical/mental readiness.

Top 20 Veterans on New Teams
In this new feature article, we examine 20 key veterans on new teams, focusing on how well they’ll fit in, how much playing time they’ll get and their overall outlook for 2016-17. By using our scores (maximum 10 point scale) and in-depth analysis (each player gets a 2nd opinion), you’ll know which new veterans to target and which guys to stay away from.

Cornerstone Combos
The first few players that you draft are extremely important, because they build the foundation and form the identity for all winning fantasy teams. In our popular Cornerstone Combos article, we suggest 6 players to consider teaming up with each potential 1st round pick.