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RotoEvil = The home of Fantasy Hoops Champions

Eric won’s 2019 Best Ball Championship, adding to his list of titles…

RotoEvil = The home of Fantasy Hoops Champions

Endorsements from Key Figures

Eric is clearly one of the finest NBA fantasy minds around, which is why I was more than happy to have him write articles for 82games. His draft ratings in particular are outstanding.
—Roland Beech, Founder of

Eric thinks about the game, about rotations and new opportunities, and what they’ll mean for the season ahead. With a combination of numbers and insight, Eric offers the kind of analysis fantasy players, and basketball fans, won’t find anywhere else.
—Paul Forrester, Fantasy Sports Producer for

Comparisons to Basketball Monster

Eric is my basketball prophet. I’ve been in a money league with very competitive friends for about a decade now. Half of them use Basketball Monster, but when I added RotoEvil as my secret weapon in 2012 I had a competitive advantage. Eric’s perspective on how basketball talent and various circumstances translate into fantasy stats is unparalleled, because he understands the depths of basketball AS WELL as the maths of fantasy hoops.”
—T. Bells

“At first I was lazy & stubborn to use your Draft Tracker Tool because I was used to Basketball Monster’s and it just looked simpler. But after using and comparing both, your version GUIDES ME BETTER, especially when I need to balance out my team. Now that I’m used to RotoEvil, BBM’s analyzer looks wack to me!”

“I had been using Basketball Monster, but since joining RotoEvil a few years back I’ve stopped searching for other sites. Nothing compares in terms of material and insights. Every year when I get to start playing around with the Draft Tool I GET EXCITED for my H2H drafts because I’ve already mapped out several different scenarios thanks to E, and now I’m finally winning consistently… DEECE!”
—Big M

Eric won back-to-back-to-back NFBKC Main Event titles (1st overall out of 48 teams), while being followed and preceded by fellow RotoEvil subscribers

RotoEvil = The home of Fantasy Hoops Champions

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Featured Testimonials

Thanks to RotoEvil I was finally able to reach the finals of my competitive league after years of not making the playoffs! It was amazing working with Eric, as I learned a ton from his 1-on-1 guidance both before my draft and throughout the season. He was always around to answer questions, provide insight and to help me get better. RotoEvil draft guides are the only way to go!

I’ve been a RotoEvil subscriber since 2014 and it’s been a terrific help, so I jumped on the chance to get Eric’s 1-on-1 guidance. We discussed key targets prior to the auction/draft (awesome breakout guys like Drummond, Barton and Tatum), and he also suggested key pickups and helped with other roster decisions during the year. I picked his brain all season via email, text and phone, and he was always accessible and ultra-responsive.
—NYK Bill

Eric, thanks for a great website and some excellent research. My entire career has been spent teaching young analysts to perform and write good investment research. It’s obvious you have a great passion for the work you do. I am a 20 year veteran of baseball roto leagues, but with your website I felt like an expert even though I have not watched an entire NBA game in 20 years. I had a lot of fun doing several NFKBC drafts. Thanks for all the hard work.
—Gregg J.

I’d yet to win fantasy hoops gold until I found, which blew my mind with the knowledge & tools I needed to DOMINATE. Since then I’ve gone 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd in my main NBA fantasy league. My favorites are the Draft Tracker Tool (straight money!), Cornerstone Combos (really gets your brain thinking) and the Young Breakout guys (big competitive advantage). There’s gold in them RotoEvil hills. Thanks Eric!

Subscriber Feedback/Testimonials

I used Eric’s draft guide the past two seasons and won back-to-back championships. Unparalleled insights.
—Barry, San Jose, CA

Looks like I’m about to lock up the championship in my fantasy league. I want to thank you for all your help, I could not have done it without you. Solid $800 for 1st place in my 12 team league. Your systems and sheets are really impressive how you ran all these macros and quantified everything. I leaned on your info a lot throughout the season. You’re the man. Looking forward to next year!.
—Cheers, Mike

Eric.. Thanks again for putting out a superb draft guide. My big $$ league ended yesterday, took 2nd place. Thank you for all your help. Your guide & content are best in the business.

You know Eric, I have to say, I really value and enjoy your service; it has helped me be successful in my two leagues (one draft and one auction) these past seasons, but I never share with my fellow owners that I subscribe. Very selfish of me but after this season I’ll begin to share my expertise as you do deserve the business. Take care and THANK YOU!.
—Paul P.

Hey Eric,
I have been a subscriber for 2 years and looking forward to another winning season with RotoEvil.  Using your draft guide articles and projections has helped me win pro leagues for the last two years.  There are no basketball analysts out there that compare to you, and I have read most of them. Thanks man.


Wanted to thank you for your website and twitter feed. I just won my 2nd fantasy basketball season in a row last night! I even drafted a bunch of guys that got injured (Durant, Rose and D. Lee), but following your twitter updates throughout the season really helped me pick up the right guys at the right time to make a difference. Thanks!!

Hey Eric,
I just wanted to write a quick message and thank you for your hard work! The tools you provided me with last season allowed me to draft 3 winning teams in three big leagues. Came first in all of them! Thanks again and keep up the hard work!


I won a nice sum on your season win totals last season. I have been a member for several years and I consider this the best kept secret on the internet. If you will sell a lifetime membership, I will buy one.
—Jeff S.

To Eric Wong,
You’ve been a fantasy savior throughout this season, and I have a 1st and 2nd place finish to thank you for.  Your weekly outlooks, updated rankings, and other fantasy-relevant material were invaluable and could not be found anywhere else.
I truly appreciate the in-depth analysis from a person who knows the game from every perspective, and I will surely be a gold subscriber again next year. Thanks.
—Eric Tang

All I have to say is thank you. This isn’t my first year doing fantasy basketball (my last league was in 2001), but I still felt like a rookie nonetheless. Honestly, without this site and forum I couldn’t compete. I did 2 leagues. I won one, and finished with some good keepers in the other. I know this will be my first stop before every season now.
—Jerome Olaloye

Hi E,
First off, your site rocks and the draft guide was absolutely money! Almost unfair really… ha!
I won my main money league, placing 1st in regular season and crushing in the playoffs, semis 10-1 and finals 10-1, only losing turnovers… Thanks again E for all your help, as well as the Rotoevil community… I’ll be back again, with KD & Curry heading the charge next year for a repeat! Cheers!

More Testimonials (We’ve Been Doing This a Long Time!)

Thanks for all the help this year. Thanks to this website, I am taking 1st in my 20 team money league. Enough cash for a trip to a nice sunny beach for me and the wife (which I had to promise to her several months ago so that she would enjoy fantasy basketball). The main part of my team consisted of Durant, Kidd, Mo Williams, Noah, Marion, Morrow, and Illyasova. I generally won 3pt, assist, ft%, to, and rebounds, and was competitive enough in the other categories to generally win one or two. In the semi-finals I actually won 9-0 which has only happened three times in the previous 3 years I have been in this league. I feel like your site was worth way more than the $25 that I paid for it. As selfish as this is, my only hope is that none of my friends find this site.

Thanks to the Roto Evil community for all the advice and help over the year, and especially to E’s astute tips and commentary! Cold Beer Fantasy Basketball League Champion, 2009 and 2010

I won my H2H league, 8-3 in the finals. the email updates were a huge help! early on I was heavily dependent on what you guys said, but later on, as I understood my players, I learned to acquire players based on the cats I knew I needed. the forum was a great source of info, and info in fantasy is power! Thanks to E, catman, and everyone in this forum! Big time help!

I didn’t win but was very happy with my performance this year.  I play in a very competitive roto auction league full of statisticians (second year owner) and used your analysis for the first time this year and placed 3rd.  It was a big upgrade from my 11th place finish last year, and your analysis was a big help. It was a fun year. Thanks for all of your help.
—EJ & Ashley

With your sick draft guide, I managed to pull in 2nd place in both of my leagues. Both of my teams ran home strongly in the 2nd half to nearly catch the leaders. It’s rewarding to have a few hundred extra in the pocket. 
Thanks all for the extra help. See you next season.

Out of the 3 money leagues I played in, I got 1st place overall & won the playoffs in 2 of them. I had Durant in both the leagues where I got 1st (one drafted, other via trade). Overall, your draft guide definitely helped the most. The excel sheet that showed which cats you were strong in helped a lot. Thanks for the guide, and I’ll definitely be buying the draft guide again.

Thanks to E I had my best finish in the last couple years, one point from 1st (3 more steals would have been a tie). This site was really helpful with input from different opinions and of course E and the moderators. See you next year.

Thanks to RotoEvil and some good luck, I took the title in my 10 team 9 cat head to head league this year.  After losing in the finals last year on a tie-breaker, the victory was especially sweet.  Key players were: Bosh, D. Williams, Kidd, J. Smith, Horford, Landry, Love and Steph Curry(!). Thanks for another great year. I will definitely be back next year.

I came in 1st in my 8-team h2h league, winning 7-2, 7-2 in the playoffs. It would have been a travesty had I lost, as my team cruised through the regular season with a .672 winning percentage. I basically had a perfect (and lucky) draft, ending up with Durant, Dirk, and Kidd, in addition to Curry, B. Lopez, Horford, Amare, and Manu. Other contributors were Noah, J-Rich, Aldridge, Fog Raw, and Marcus Thornton. The pieces just fell together this year, and I’m happy to take home the trophy knowing that I’ll never have a team this strong again ever.

I got 1st place in an ESPN, H2H auction draft, 9-cat, 10-team league. The auction format allowed me to target a lot more of the players that I liked from E’s list, and H2H meant I could punt a category (in this case assists).
—Drew C.

I’m not quite sure where to start raving about your website/Fantasy NBA information. The past 3-4 NBA seasons, I had gathered information for my fantasy drafts from a variety of sources (free/paid) including printed magazines, other websites, and the ever popular Rotoworld draft guide. Although there was some bad luck involved, I was extremely frustrated at dropping $20-40 per season on fantasy NBA information and losing leagues despite easily being one of the most active/informed owners… Well all that changed in 2009-10 when I stumbled across I decided to get a subscription and read the literally 100s of pages of excellent information. Despite not having success for 3 years in a row, I finally knew that this golden information was going to finally carry me to the promised land.

Sure enough, both of my teams rocked all year long and spent >95% of the time in 1st place, with Team 1 going 117-71-1 and Team 2 going 130-48-2. In the last week (finals), Team 1 easily took the gold trophy going 8-1 and Team 2 even more easily took the gold going 9-0. So basically 2 teams, 2 first place finishes, and 2 cases of complete domination. Now I must say I did have better luck with injuries and pickups this year than usual and that having Durant on your team was like having Jesus on your side, but your information was definitely the key factor in my success this year. I trusted your tools and advice and was rewarded with 1st place, respect, and moola.

Simply put, your site is the best fantasy NBA information that money can buy. It’s completely comprehensive and you won’t need another source ever. In my mind and for my money, you’re the best fantasy NBA expert that’s out there and it was a real pleasure purchasing your product. I’d highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in fantasy NBA (unless of course that anyone was in the same league as me….haha).  Keep doing what you do and I’m already waiting for next year’s guide!!!!
—Prateek Sanan

Great guide this past year, E. I smoked a pretty active/savvy league by 10 points, when my previous best finish was 5th. It was all due to an amazing draft taken directly from your guide. I’m in for next year no matter what.
—Jesse G.

Thanks for another great year of work, Evil E. I finished 1st and 2nd in my 2 money leagues. (I drafted Amare in the first round of the league in which I finished second; otherwise, I likely would have won.) I think you had an especially strong year this season. Most of your bold rankings came through for me. For my money, you’re the best fantasy bball guy on the planet. Thanks again. Already looking forward to next year’s draft guide.

Good work! As a huge NBA fan (not just fantasy player), I can tell that you love the NBA as well. Great insight and projections.

Thanks for the guide. I had been getting Rotoworld’s, but yours was a significant improvement, especially in your re~assessments of player values as draft day approached. And, although I relied on three weekly reports regarding line~up setting, yours was the most valuable.
—John I.

Great work overall. I really liked being able to fill in my roster in a spreadsheet during my draft and instantly assess my needs. Ranks and tiers were very useful.
—Brant K.

Overall, this is my most successful year yet (two 1st place teams). Major thanks to E for your valuable draft guide and advice on pick~ups. Your advice on players was very valuable in terms of helping me plan out a sound draft strategy. The draft~tracker is also a powerful tool. You’re definitely the best fantasy basketball analyst I’ve had the good fortune to discover.

I found your guide very helpful, and as I won both my leagues, the results back that up… Overall, your articles were very helpful and your ratings were a good guide for my drafting strategies. I certainly thought your guide was miles better than Rotoworld’s.

Evil ~ Thanks for another great year. Last season, I finished third in my league, and when I looked back at the end of the year, I realized my biggest problem was not drafting more of the players you identified. This year, I won my league. Thanks again. I will definitely be a customer next year.
—Andrew G.

Overall, this was a great product. Made my job much more easier. And in the end, it made me look like a smarter talent evaluator to my friends. Props.

For someone who used to have the time to go through and create my own list of players from scratch, your guide was a godsend. Having the Excel files at my disposal to massage into exactly what I need it to look like made my draft go smoothly and I made solid picks throughout. Having normalized data is quite possibly the most helpful fantasy tool I can imagine. I’ll be purchasing again next year for sure.

Oh man; I won in quite a few leagues that I was invited too. I was way ahead of the curve at draft time and your tips during the season were priceless. Thanks, and looking forward to next years tips!

I had 3 first place finishes out of 6, and I was actually really close to 5/6 first place finishes. I owe a lot to your weekly suggestions and to your guide and forums. I am really glad I found this site during the offseason because I have confidence that even if I don’t have the time or desire to plow through news about all the NBA teams that you will do a thorough job and I can rely on your analysis.

I have been playing fantasy hoops for nearly 15 years now and my interest often waxes and wanes, but having this site around kept me interested and into it all season long. I certainly hope that you keep RotoEvil going and I’ll definitely be a return draft guide customer—Eric J.

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