The Ultimate Tag Team Fantasy Basketball Championship

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Greetings fantasy basketball fans,

I’ve had this idea brewing in the back of my mind for quite some time now, and I think this is the year to finally turn it into reality. I present to you, the Ultimate Tag Team Fantasy Basketball Championship (UTTFBC).

What it is:
A standard 12 team, 8-category Roto league, consisting of six different “tag teams.” Each tag team features two different members, drafting their own separate teams. This league will only feature the best of the best, and thus it will be highly competitive and lots of fun.

How you win:
At the end of the season, the winning tag team is the team with the highest combined Roto scores, for each of their member’s teams. For example, if one person’s team finishes with 70 Roto points, and his partner’s team finishes with 60 Roto points, their combined tag team score would be 130 Roto points.

What’s at stake:
We can’t call this an Ultimate Tag Team Championship without having decent prize money at stake, so the entry fee will be $1,000 USD per tag team ($500 per person), secured via Leaguesafe. So a $6,000 prize pool, with 100% payouts.

1st place team: $5,000
2nd place team: $1,000
All teams: Your choice of PSA-graded basketball cards, from Eric’s private collection

The winning tag team will split a nice $5,000 prize, while the second place team gets their money back. As a thank you for playing, everyone that participates will get to choose from a nice variety of PSA-graded basketball cards, straight from my collection.

*If everyone agrees, we can also have the 1st place team send $500 of their winnings to any charity of their choosing.

League manager:
The NBFKC will graciously host this inaugural championship for us, so we will be using their site to draft and manage our teams.

Draft style, date, duration:
This will be a 25 round slow draft (300 players deep), with a timer of 2 hours per pick for the first 16 rounds, then 1 hour per pick for the final 9 rounds, with the draft pausing overnight. The draft will begin once all entry fees have been secured, hopefully starting before Saturday, Oct. 9th. Once it has begun, the draft should take roughly six days to be completed. This is a standard snake draft, but with 3rd round reversal.

Draft order:
One of the best features about the NFBKC is that their system allows everyone to set their preferred draft order choices, using Kentucky Derby Style (KDS) preferences. So once the league is ready to go, their system will generate a random draft order, based on everyone’s KDS preferences. This will probably be an important element of the Tag Team Championship, given that teams may or may not want to draft next to each other.

Scoring periods, starting lineups, positional requirements:
Each week is broken down into two scoring periods, Monday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday, and you can set a new lineup for each scoring period. Teams will start 12 players from their 25 man roster, of ANY position.

That’s right folks. There will be NO position requirements for this league. Instead, all 12 starting lineup spots are FLEX or Utility!!!

This is the way modern basketball is played, and thus, this is how the Ultimate Tag Team Fantasy Basketball Championship is going to be played. No more having to reach for centers a round too early, or making sure you have the right balance of guards and forwards. Just go after the players you want, and the rest will take care of itself.

Free agent pickups and trades:
This is a draft-only league, meaning the team you draft is the team you’re stuck with for the entire season. That’s why we’re going 300 players deep. No pickups, no trading.

In the event of a tie for combined Roto points, the tiebreaker will be whichever tag team has the highest individual team in the league standings. As an example, if Team A scores 130 combined Roto points due to their teams scoring 70 and 60 points, and Team B scores 130 combined Roto points due to their teams scoring 67 and 63 points, Team A will win the tiebreaker. If the two teams are still tied after the first tiebreaker, then the teams will split the prize money evenly.

Since we only want the best of the best, The Ultimate Tag Team Fantasy Basketball Championship will be an invitation-only league. We are focused on getting the top fantasy players from all of the major fantasy basketball sites, but there may also be “wild card” spots available, for those interested with strong fantasy hoops resumes.

I can’t wait to get this league off the ground, because once it gets going, it should become the most highly-anticipated league in the entire fantasy basketball industry, year after year. Thanks to everyone who’s interested, and I look forward to playing in this league of truly epic proportions!


Eric Wong
The Athletic Fantasy