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Here are some of the main articles and spreadsheet tools that you’re getting in the Draft Kit:

*Cornerstone Combos*
This is our most popular article, where we focus on building a winning fantasy foundation around your 1st round superstars, with player suggestions from rounds 2-5 for both Roto and H2H leagues.

*Stat Projections for 380+ Players*
Our meticulously crafted, time-tested, proven and reliable stat projections across 50 categories, for nearly 400 players.

*RotoEvil Draft Tracker Tool*
The awesome RotoEvil Draft Tool for Roto and H2H Category leagues is a loaded spreadsheet that features customizable rankings + auction values based on your league’s settings, built-in tiers, and a team tracker to show your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

*Projected NBA Standings*
If you like betting on over/under win totals, this can help you find smart wagers to make.

*Head-to-Head Punting Strategies*
Read about Eric’s favorite punting strategies, including winning blueprints and sample teams.

*Bounce Back Ballers, Breakout Stars and Deep League Targets*
I tell you about my favorite Players to Target, from potential stars to those under the radar guys that few in your league even know about.

*Priority When Answering Reader Mailbag Questions*
My in-season columns will be appearing on The Athletic all season long, and fans who are RotoEvil subscribers as well will get top priority when answering reader questions.

*Draft Analysis: Learn to Draft Like RotoEvil*
Results from two different drafts that Eric participated in, providing details on his strategies and the picks he likes and dislikes.

Every NBA season we have hundreds of repeat subscribers, and RotoEvil nation continues to dominate fantasy hoops leagues all around the world.

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