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Welcome to your Trial Membership!

Thanks for your interest in the finest fantasy basketball analysis available.

To start off, I suggest reading some of the “Team & Player Profiles” to get a strong idea of how we analyze players and assess team dynamics.

After that, I suggest moving on to the “Players to Target & Avoid” section. Here you’ll read about some of the most intriguing players for the upcoming season, and our key reasons for either liking or disliking them.

If you’re into fantasy hoops, then you’ll definitely want to check out our “Strategy Articles” section as well. In particular, I’m a big fan of the “1+ Block, 77% FT Club,” and many of our readers have found these unique strategies to be useful.

Unfortunately, free Trial Members will NOT be able to access our “Spreadsheet Tools” or the “Gold Forum,” as those are reserved for our Gold subscribers only. Of course, to gain the ultimate advantage on draft day, our “Draft Tracker Tool” is essential. In addition to being able to track your team’s strengths & weaknesses during your draft, our tool also contains our precise projections for over 380 players and 26 stat categories, plus you can easily input your league’s scoring system and it creates Customized Rankings that are catered to your league!

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