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To start using this year’s Draft Guide, I suggest reading some of the “Team & Player Profiles” first. This will help you get a strong idea of how we analyze players and assess team dynamics, and you’ll get a great understanding for each team’s rotation and what to watch for during the preseason. You may want to view the “Positional Tiers” spreadsheet next, to get a better idea of each player’s expected overall value and how guys compare to others at their position.

After that, I suggest moving on to the “Players to Target & Avoid” section. Here you’ll read about which players are poised for breakout seasons, and which ones are going to be overvalued and undervalued on draft day. If you know which pick you have for an upcoming draft, be sure to read the “Cornerstone Combos” article right away. It will help you hone in on which players to consider drafting early on in order to build a strong fantasy foundation.

Of course, our “Draft Tracker Tool” is extremely valuable, and you’ll want to see how players rank according to your scoring system/different categories. Make sure that you read the instructions for the Draft Tracker Tool carefully, and that you’re comfortable using the tool BEFORE your first drafts. Remember, the Draft Tracker Tool and many other files will continue to be updated and improved throughout preseason.

Several more files and “Strategy Articles” will also be posted in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep checking in for updates. Draft Guide customers also have access to the Forum, so feel free to post any comments, questions or suggestions in there.

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